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Cosmetic Bonding in Oklahoma City

Is there a slight imperfection in your smile that you’d like to make disappear? Sure, other people may tell you, “ignore it, it’s nothing.” But if that flaw bothers you, then why not have one of the dentists at Dental Expressions take care of it for you? With cosmetic bonding, also called dental bonding, Oklahoma City residents can easily make a change in their smiles in order to eliminate an imperfection.

Cosmetic Bonding for Tooth Repair

Actually, you may already have some cosmetic bonding material in your mouth. Drs. Holman use this same material to repair a cavity with a tooth-colored filling. Made of composite resin, this substance is essentially a medical-grade plastic that can be molded to recreate the natural formation of a tooth and matched to the existing color of a tooth. Of course, a tooth-colored filling is a restorative dentistry procedure that is used to repair and preserve a tooth. In the case of cosmetic bonding—as the name suggests—the procedure is cosmetic, or aesthetic, and is intended to enhance the appearance of your smile, an equally important attribute considering what a smile can do for your self-confidence.

Cosmetic Bonding for Tooth Appearance

Cosmetic bonding is a simple procedure that can be used to correct a variety of flaws in your smile. The treatment is appropriate for repairing teeth that have been damaged by chips, cracks or slight fractures, as well as teeth that are misshaped, too small or irregularly spaced. We can even use cosmetic bonding to re-color a tooth that is irreversibly stained.

When you arrive at your Oklahoma City cosmetic dentist to have dental bonding, you don’t need to worry about needles or anesthesia; in most instances, that won’t be necessary for this procedure. We’ll simply isolate the tooth in need of repair and the dentist will get to work.

First, a mildly acidic solution is applied to the tooth for a few seconds. This etches the surface of the tooth, so the adhesive is better able to adhere. Then, Dr. Holman applies the composite resin material and begins to reshape or cover your tooth. This layer is quickly dried with a curing light, and then another layer of composite is applied if necessary. This process continues until the most natural and pleasing shape is attained. After just one short appointment, you’ll be able to leave our office without that bothersome flaw in your smile.

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Dr. Holman made me feel very comfortable and went out of his way to make sure I had a pain-free experience.

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