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Dental Implants – Oklahoma City, OK

Taking the Right Steps to Make Your Dental Implant Last

older man smiling after receiving dental implants in Oklahoma City

Having dental implants placed is an exciting step toward regaining the life you once had. For the healing process to be successful and to ensure that your tooth replacement lasts, there are some important steps for you to take. Because we’re in your corner and eager to help you experience the joy of having a fully functional and attractive set of teeth, we’ve created a simple, yet effective, post-surgery blueprint for you to follow. Continue reading to find out what you can do to encourage healing and a successful dental implant.

Make Oral Hygiene a Priority

older man grey hair brushing his implant retained teeth

The steps taken for maintaining dental implants in Oklahoma City are quite similar to your normal teeth. As is always the case, proper oral hygiene is at the forefront of importance. While prosthetic teeth aren’t subject to decay like your natural ivories, the gums they rest on are still very much alive and active. That means that any leftover debris from eating or drinking can gather at the gum line and contribute to the accumulation of plaque.

If the sticky substance is allowed to work its way beneath the gum line, germ pockets can form, which is the gateway to gum disease development. Performing proper and consistent oral hygiene helps to mitigate this problem.

Here’s what you definitely need to do:

  • Brush your teeth – By brushing at least two times a day, you’ll help to agitate any leftover debris that may cling to your prosthetics and eventually gather at the gum line. As usual, you’ll get the best results by choosing a toothbrush with soft bristles.
  • Use floss made for dental implants – Look for unwaxed tape or floss that is made specifically for implants. They will accommodate your prosthetics while still providing the usual benefits of removing hard-to-reach debris and bacteria.

Protect Your Dental Implants

green custom sport mouthguard to protect dental implants

Just like your natural teeth, implant-retained prosthetics aren’t infallible. If you suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding), then it’s a must that you bring it to our attention. Therefore, Dr. Holman can custom design a nightguard for you to wear. Otherwise, the irregular pressure created by your teeth grinding could cause your implants to unseat.

Another possible threat to your implants is any involvement in sporting activities. That’s because any time there are people moving around in a hurried manner, there is a chance of a sudden collision or a bad fall. The last thing you want, after finally having your smile and functionality restored, is to suffer a dislodged tooth.

To prevent this happening, Dr. Holman can custom craft a mouthguard for you to wear. Like the bumper on your vehicle, it acts to redirect impact away from your teeth so you can avoid an uncomfortable dental emergency and protect your beautiful new smile.

Schedule Regular Recall Visits

older woman smiling holding green apple at dental visit

It’s always important to maintain regular visits to our office for preventive dentistry, which include checkups, cleanings and X-ray photos (when necessary). The visits are even more important to maintain after you received dental implants. While you’re here, Dr. Holman will assess the health of your implants and identify any signs of trouble so they can be addressed rapidly.

Here are some of the issues he’ll be checking for:

  • Implant mobility
  • Ongoing pain or sensitivity
  • Swelling or infection around the dental implant

If any issues are detected, your dentist in OKC can work with you to formulate a plan of action. The sooner any problems are identified, the less complex the treatment protocol will usually need to be.

Across the board, dental implant insertion has a 95% success rate. By doing your part after your surgery, your implant can possibly last up to a lifetime!

Dr. Holman made me feel very comfortable and went out of his way to make sure I had a pain-free experience.

- Joshua

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