6 Creative Ways to Greet Your Dentist

June 22, 2020

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Woman in dental chair at dentist in OKC.Over the last few weeks, you’ve had to change the way you normally do things to do your part to combat the spread of COVID-19. You’ve had to stay home, wear masks, and keep your distance from others to name just a few. As the country reopens so you can visit your dentist in OKC again, you’ll still need to practice social distancing. If you’re a hugger or you like to give a firm handshake when you see your dentist, here are 6 creative ways to greet your dental team amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Social Distancing in Dentistry

Social distancing is important for slowing the spread of COVID-19. To help stop the virus, your dentist has implemented several changes to their safety protocols, like not hugging patients or shaking their hands. They aren’t doing it to be rude. Instead, they have your safety in mind. Don’t worry, here are some fun alternatives to greet your dental team.

1. Elbow Bumps

You’ve heard about fist bumps, but what about elbow bumps? This is a fun alternative to giving knuckles or a high-five. This is a common greeting in parts of Africa and other places around the world.

2. Namaste

“Namaste” is a non-contact form of Hindu greeting. The simple gesture involves placing the palms of the hands together with the fingers upwards. Although you might attribute it to yoga, it’s a respectful greeting for a variety of situations, like visiting your dentist.

3. Tele-dentistry

Tele-dentistry is a great option for patients who only need a consultation or follow up appointment. You won’t even need to go to your dentist, reducing the risk of COVID-19. You’ll speak with your dentist over the phone or video meeting, so a simple wave will do.

4. Curtsy or Bow

A curtsy or bow might seem a little outdated, but they are an unexpected way to greet someone.  You can call it the “coronavirus curtsy.”

5. Ankle Shake

Instead of shaking hands, why not change it up and use your ankles? Just stand on one foot and give your dentist an ankle shake.

6. Wave

A friendly hand wave never goes out of style. With everyone keeping their distance, it’s a casual way to show someone you’re happy to see them.

Change the Way You Say “Hello”

COVID-19 has changed your way of life in many areas. Besides wearing face masks in public and washing your hands more often, you also need to consider alternative salutations. If you usually give your dentist in Oklahoma City a handshake or hug your dental hygienist, a clever greeting can take hold to become a new tradition at your appointments.

About Dental Expressions

Dental Expressions is committed to your comfort and safety while providing you with the exceptional services you deserve. Our state-of-the-art office provides the latest innovations in dentistry to help you achieve a healthy smile. We’ve revamped our standards to keep you healthy. If you have any questions about our safety protocols, or you’d like to schedule an appointment, contact our office today.

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