The Relationship Between Musical Instruments and Oral Health

November 3, 2021

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person playing a musical instrument in Oklahoma City

You’ve been playing an instrument for a while now, and it’s one of your favorite hobbies. Playing a musical instrument is a fun hobby and an excellent way to express yourself. Even so, did you know that playing certain musical instruments can have an impact on your oral health? Read on to learn more about the relationship between playing musical instruments in Oklahoma City and your oral health.


When we play brass or woodwind instruments, they collect saliva particles in them. This can eventually lead to bacteria, yeast, and molds growing and possibly infecting you. This can lead to a range of health conditions including skin infections around the mouth and lips. To minimize risk, thoroughly clean your instrument on a regular basis to remove saliva and any other buildups.

Poor Posture

If you play a string instrument like the violin or viola, this can present its own set of oral health issues. The position that your body is required to be in for you to play these instruments isn’t healthy for the face, neck, and chin, especially if you get lazy about your posture. Awkward playing posture can worsen bite alignment problems like overbites and underbites. Make sure you maintain good posture while practicing to avoid messing up the alignment of your smile.

Trauma to the Teeth and Lips

In order to play a woodwind or brass instrument, the musician must forcefully hold it against or within their lips. Those who are prone to cold sores may get them more frequently when they play one of these instruments. For younger musicians whose smiles are still developing, this pressure can cause the teeth to grow strangely or get pushed out of place. Additionally, this can cause trauma to the lips and delicate soft tissue, especially if your child wears braces. To prevent this, your dentist may recommend a soft acrylic guard to alleviate some pressure.

Choose the Right Instrument

If you’re considering learning how to play an instrument, make sure to do your research. Not everything will be the right fit for you. Certain instruments may be better than others based on their size, the strength of your fingers and hands, and the structure of your teeth.

By doing your research and keeping the above risks in mind, you can keep oral health issues from developing. Make sure to speak with your dentist if you have any concerns regarding playing an instrument so they can help you keep your mouth as healthy as possible.

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Dental Expressions takes the oral health of their Oklahoma City patients seriously. They treat patients of all ages and aim to help them learn to care for their teeth properly so they can maintain healthy, happy smiles. If you’re considering playing a musical instrument or are an old pro, Dr. Jon Holman and Dr. Colin Holman can provide insights on the oral health risks and administer treatment if necessary. Call Dental Expressions’ office at (405) 735-6600 or visit their website to learn more about their service offerings or to schedule an appointment.

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