Wipe Away Your Fear of the Dentist With Oral Conscious Sedation

October 4, 2019

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Many people would rather take the chances of living with the consequences of untreated severe oral health problems than schedule an appointment with their dentist. According to a survey taken by 18,000 people around the world, 61 percent of the people that answered said they suffer from dental fear, and about four percent said they had never been to a dentist. The good news is, there is a sedation dentist in Oklahoma City that offers a needle-free, mask-free solution to help you feel relaxed and comfortable, allowing you to get the care you need without risking your mental health. Read on for four benefits of oral conscious sedation. ß

No Needles, No Face-Masks, Just a Pill

Oral conscious sedation in Oklahoma City has become a vital lifeline for patients who have dental fears and phobias to receive the treatment they need without sacrificing their mental health. This method of sedation is popular in the modern dental world, but has been around for decades. It is now considered the preferred form of dental sedation for most patients and professionals, because it’s so easy to administer. Unlike other forms of relaxation that require needles and masks that fit over the face, oral conscious sedation only involves a single small pill.

Light to Moderate Sedation

Before your appointment, your sedation dentist will prescribe you benzodiazepine, also known as Valium® or Xanax®. These pills work in two ways, they allow you to feel sleepy as well as relieve any anxiety that you may feel. Whether you have severe or moderate anxiety, your sedation dentist can adjust your dosage and the type of drug accordingly, making this technique a great choice for most patients.

Arrive to the Office Relaxed

Getting to the dentist’s office can take a massive toll on your mental health and impact your entire day leading up to the appointment. With oral conscious sedation, you can take your prescribed medication an hour before your appointment, so you arrive completely relaxed. For patients with severe dental phobia, your sedation dentist may also prescribe an additional sedative for you to take the evening before your appointment so you can rest.

Receive Safer Dental Treatment

One benefit that patients often look over is that oral conscious sedation doesn’t just temporarily relieve you of your fear, but it also allows you to sit in the treatment chair without flinching, wiggling, or moving around. This allows your dentist to quickly, efficiently, and safely complete the procedure without causing you harm or having to repeatedly stop throughout your appointment, making it last longer.

If you’re scared of the dentist, you’re not alone. However, leaving issues untreated for long periods of time will only make them worse, and can jeopardize your beautiful natural smile. If you’re conflicted about taking care of your mouth because you don’t want to put your mental health on the chopping block, ask your dentist in Oklahoma City about whether oral conscious sedation could benefit you. That way, you’ll be able to take care of your pearly whites without sacrificing your peace of mind.

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Dr. Jon Holman has decades of experience under his belt and has completed countless hours of continuing education since receiving his dental degree. He has completed the D.O.C.S. advanced oral sedation training, so his patients feel comfortable and relaxed while getting the dental care they need. He strives to build long-lasting relationships with his patients so he can help them optimize their oral health and enjoy their natural smile for a lifetime. For any questions or to schedule a consultation for oral conscious sedation, visit Dental Expressions’ website or call 405-735-6600.

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